• A promise

    To my first and last

  • Journey together & Forever,

    A magical hour through an aisle

  • Purity Of Bond

    Unbreakable bond of love

  • Precious Moments

    Memories for forever

  • No Matter what

    I will be yours forever

Clicking Moments, Capturing Emotions. - Clicking Moments, Capturing Emotions. - Clicking Moments, Capturing Emotions. - Clicking Moments, Capturing Emotions.

Best Wedding Photographer in kolkata

Wedding bells tuning in and your search for the best wedding photography in Kolkata has started. Waste no time, because here you are at the right place. ClickEveBest Wedding Photography In Kolkata. Your once-in-lifetime moments are memorable, and we know how to relish those moments. Every Moment is special but extracting the best out of it is Professionalism, and that’s what we do. We know how to pull out the emotions and best moments from every corner of your wedding.

The best thing about Clickeve wedding photography? Just get absorbed at the moment without the fear of missing out on capturing your precious moments.

Our Expertise

We promise to click every beautiful and breathtaking moment, from playful to emotional moments, from shagun to all major rasams.

Candid Wedding Photography

In Candid Wedding Photography, we capture the natural flow. From capturing the most enticing words of you saying ‘I Do’ to holding her father’s hand and saying I Will Take Care of her. We don’t create the story, but the clicks themselves reflects a beautiful story of your D-Day. We knit the wedding story that is precious to you. Promising to capture all the blossomed flowers of your day besides the bride and groom. Get the slightest details of your wedding that will add joy to your moments.


Cinematic Wedding Video

Writing from the ink of trust to take it forever. From exchanging the garlands of love to burning all egos into the fire, We capture it all. Our professional videographers know how to weave your beautiful wedding story artistically. The Video shots won’t make you feel less than a star of the show. We know the highlight moments and the art of capturing them elegantly. Your wedding day is gold; let’s give it a shine with our lens.

Pre Wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photography is all about the couple sharing their beautiful moments before the wedding. It will tell the tale of your love story from the start of the journey together till the time you promised to stay together forever. We capture your most promising moments with the lens of love. You don’t need words to tell your story, the pictures will say it all. Clickeve is your ally for the best pre-wedding photoshoot. Allow our lens to click the magical moments from the magic hours of your life.


Destination Wedding photography

From making the best decision for your wedding to the wedding destination, we will make it cherished through our lens. We capture the beauty of destination weddings that has fun, amusement, and emotions. The beauty of destination weddings is its location with the beautiful couple. We capture the location with your beautiful moments that themselves speak the tales of your special day. Allow us to capture the moments you live with the lens of your eye from the lens of our camera. We bet you won’t regret it!

Our Gallery

Our gallery speaks, of love from the wedding bells. A glimpse from the best photography in Kolkata to get you swayed.

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