About us

ClickEve was started as an experiment that turned into a successful photography business. ClickEve has the vision to start new photography trends by raising the standards of wedding photography in Kolkata. We are motivated to make your wedding experience dreamy and beautiful, far beyond the fairy tales you ever heard of. We are motivated to give you the finest wedding photography experience, with unscripted storytelling and the unmatched story of your D-day.

Best candid wedding photographers in Kolkata

Clickeve with the best Candid wedding photographers in Kolkata are specialists in their profession. This form of photography involves the photographer wandering around and clicking the moments with the perfect angle of the lens. Weddings are beautiful, why do you ever want to miss a chance to make it more bewitching.

You don’t want to halt the moments to pose for the camera and photographer to make you do things purposely. It’s your moment, and we understand that. Our professionals don’t interrupt or take you through their way. Our professionals let the lens create a masterpiece story for you. While you are busy living up your beautiful moments to the fullest. We take the pressure off your shoulders so that you don’t have to worry about missing a beautiful click.

Candid wedding photography is a way of telling a story through images along with videos. You will be left in awe to see the results, our expertise is enough to lure your eyes into the magical moments. No wedding is as beautiful as a Bengali wedding, and no click is as professional as best Bengali wedding couple photography. If you are ready to see the results of the Bengali wedding photo, then your flight is on the right track. Be it a Bengali wedding photo or pre-wedding shoot in Kolkata, we will deliver the best of what you expect.