Candid Wedding Photography​

Candid wedding photography is a way of telling a story through images along with videos. You will be left in awe to see the results, our expertise is enough to lure your eyes into the magical moments. No wedding is as beautiful as a Bengali wedding, and no click is as professional as best Bengali wedding couple photography. If you are ready to see the results of the Bengali wedding photo, then your flight is on the right track. Be it a Bengali wedding photo or pre-wedding shoot in Kolkata, we will deliver the best of what you expect.

Clickeve with the best Candid wedding photographers in Kolkata are specialists in their profession. We don’t want to halt your moments to pose for the camera to make you do things purposely. It’s your moment, and we understand that. Our professionals don’t interrupt or take you through their way. Our professionals let the lens create a masterpiece story for you. While you are busy living up your beautiful moments to the fullest. We take the pressure off your shoulders so that you don’t have to worry about missing a beautiful click.

Pre Wedding Photography ​

Live the fairy tales you wished for with the best pre-wedding photography in Kolkata to experience beauty and love. It is a way to get to know your partner better and spend some quality time having fun. You can simply choose to pose or be free from the hectic hassle of wedding dresses and crowds.

Pre-wedding shoots will click your excitement of getting married to the love of your life. Let’s create a unique story with our camera, that needs no words to tell the tales of your love. ClickEve with their best pre-wedding photography in Kolkata can also give a sneak peek of your love story from the day you met to the time you made it to the wedding. A photoshoot that includes only the bride and groom and their beautiful love story. Experience the best of Bengali wedding couple photography, with photoshoots that will be the highlight moments of your love. A story to connect with the beautiful string of time from pre-wedding to the wedding day. Our professionals will make it all worthy through the camera that clicks love, emotions, and unmatched feelings.

Cinematic Wedding Video​

A way to capture your D-day linearly. A cinematic wedding video will narrate the time of your wedding day in a unique style you will love. Expand the limits of dimension, and explore it to a new level with a cinematic wedding video that whispers your love story. The cinematic touch that we add to our captured moments will give you the feel of watching a movie. Just like fingerprints and DNA, your story will be told uniquely, and we promise that. ClickEve- The wedding photography in Kolkata, will try to preserve every angle and moment of your big day with its camera.

A movie with a Bengali wedding couple as the main characters and a true love story. Watch the lighting and angles that were never watched before. A perfect love story because our photographer never fails to add life to the stories. One dimension is beautiful, but the best wedding photography in Kolkata has dimensions to capture that is exceptional.

Destination Wedding Photography

A love reached its destination. Destination weddings are the most beautiful form of the wedding as they are free from the city noise. Hassle-free, full of fun, and less crowded. The standards and beauty of the destination are unmatched, so are our photography skills. The perks of a destination wedding in Kolkata are high levels. Let your family and friends enjoy the scenic beauty of the destination wedding. And let us hold the lens to click the unparalleled magic and fun of your destination wedding. Never spoil the destination wedding fun, because a wedding should go on the long run. We mean to say- FOREVER. Raise your standards of photography with wedding photography in Kolkata. Wedding season- A season to relish love and memories with top-notch wedding photography in Kolkata.

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